Family Resource Centres

Family Resource Centre Locations

Please call to book an appointment.

Bridgeland (403) 290-0210
Hillhurst (403) 270-7283
Glenbrook (403) 686-1502
10 Street NW (403) 269-4670
Temple (403) 590-5752
Erin Woods (403) 273-1927


What Some Girl Talk Participants Say...

  • "I learned about inner beauty. Beauty is not just your face or just how you look on the outside."
  • "I learned how to be a leader...about good manners and not to bully others...and to be friendlier to more people. I'm not that shy anymore!"
  • "I learned what makes a good friend and how to be one."

WINS operates six Family Resource Centres, easily accessible within housing complexes throughout the city.

Each serves as a central place where women and their families come together, share, and learn information and skills to move them towards empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Over the last year, the Family Resource Centres provided over 5700 services for over 400 women and their families.

The centres provide access to community resources for low-income families - from access to the local food bank to low-cost recreation options for families.  Over the last year, many families were able to access school supplies and summer camp opportunities for their children.

Our Family Resource Centres are places where women and their families can learn life skills.  Increased knowledge and skills lead to increased confidence and independence which, in turn, helps women to become more resistant to crisis and better able to manage it should it occur.  Ongoing programs include

  • Kids Clubs
  • Family Engagement Programs
  • Literacy and Parenting Skills
  • Life Skills Workshops

All of our services and programs are made possible through partnerships with other community organizations.

Whether through one-on-one support, referral to a community resource, lending of a compassionate ear, or participating in a workshop or social activity, women and their families find help and support enabling them to gain the ability and confidence to create a better life for themselves and their families.

For more information on the Family Resource Centres and their programming, please contact the FRC Coordinator.