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WINS is a charitable not-for-profit organization based in Calgary, Alberta. Established in 1992, WINS has grown from one thrift store to four stores throughout Calgary. As well, WINS now operates six Family Resource Centres in housing complexes in all four quadrants of the city, our Free Goods Referral Program, and an Employment Program.

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Families in Need

Through the generous donations from Calgarians and area, WINS is able to help women and their families address immediate needs. This empowers them to develop skills and confidence to become self-sufficent.

WINS gratefully accepts a variety of items to be sold in our Stores. Your donations and patronage of WINS Thrift Stores can help transform the lives of women and their families helps to fund our community programs.

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Swap Till You Drop!
May 12 2015

Swap Till You Drop!

North America's Biggest Clothing Swap benefitting the Society for Treatment of Autism and Women In Need Society. Click on image to learn more.

Akuer has witnessed hardship. She left her country torn apart by war to create a better, safer life for her and her family. Once in Calgary, Akuer’s marri...

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